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The ISG Gas Production Process


For the target coal depth range of 150m to 300m, Chaucer Energy is using the commercially proven vertical well technology provided by Ergo Exergy, where injection and production wells are first linked by air prior to ignition. Subsequent reverse combustion is used to open internal pathways within the coal seam to achieve low pressure operating conditions. This method was successfully developed over many years in the FSU, and was expanded to commercial scale at the Angren site, where more than 15mt of coal were gasified over more than 20 years of operation.

More recently, the technology has been modified and used at the first stage Chinchilla test site (35,000 tonnes of coal gasified from 1999 to 2002), and at the Majuba site in South Africa (more than 50,000 tonnes of coal gasified from 2007 to 2012).  It has significant technical and commercial benefits over alternative methods, as has been demonstrated from past operating experience.


Gas Clean-Up Plant


Gas Flaring

The selection of prospective coal deposits suitable for application of ISG technology can be enhanced by the use of regional geology and the location of coal outcrops as well as use of oil and gas well drilling data supplemented by seismic surveys to link the wells and provide coal contouring.  This technique has been used by Chaucer Energy in its selection of Concession areas in Chile from Magallan Basin coal deposit areas shown below

Magallan Coal BasinSmal.png

Magallan Coal Basin

Riesco Outcrop.JPG

Example of Magallan Basin Coal Outcrop

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