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Chaucer Energy is focused on development and installation of commercial In-Situ Gasification (ISG) facilities to convert the energy of stranded resources into electrical power without physical extraction from the ground. ISG is a chemical process which converts organic matter in situ into a product gas called Syngas. The process is carried out by injecting oxidants into the coal seam, followed by ignition and subsequent conversion of the coal to gas as the result of a number of chemical reactions. The product gas is brought to the surface through specially designed production wells. Construction of one such surface gas processing plants is shown in figure below.

Depending on oxidants, the predominant composition of Syngas consists of methane, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, water, and carbon dioxide. Ratios of the gas components vary depending upon the formation pressure, depth of the coal seam, its quality, inherited moisture and the oxidant balance. The resultant gas output after cleaning is fed into suitable electricity generating systems like gas engines and turbines. 

Chaucer Energy management has a 20 year relationship with the most experienced international ISG technology provider (Ergo Exergy Technologies Inc.) to add to its own expertise, and also works with leading gas engine and gas turbine manufacturers. The key objectives of the Company, its Directors and officers, together with other personnel are to accelerate development of commercial projects in Chile, generate early project cash-flow with subsequent expansion of the technology in size and location, while seeking potential for expanding conversion of Syngas into a range of chemical products.


ISG Site Construction

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