Welcome to Chaucer Energy

Chaucer Energy Limited is an Australian resources company specializing in the development and execution of energy projects utilising the technology of In-Situ Gasification (ISG) to produce gas suitable for conversion into low emission electricity and other chemical products.

ISG technology has a long history, especially in the Former Soviet Union (FSU).Over the last 30 years, a significant number of demonstrations of the technology have been undertaken in various countries, including Australia.The current challenge is to convert the knowledge from past experience into the development of a commercially profitable project. Chaucer Energy has planned a technical and financial strategy to achieve this goal.


The Company is initially focussed on using stranded coal resources at a number of locations in Chile to develop commercial power generation projects. 

After completing a detailed review of all coal deposits in Chile, Chaucer Energy has applied for and been granted Mining Exploration Concessions over three potential project areas in the south of the Country.

The initial project focus will be on the Concessions granted near the town of Maullin approximately 100km from the city of Puerto Montt, with connections by road and to the electricity grid.  The Company plans the staged development of a commercial scale power station, with the objective of initiating gas production and power generation in 2022/23

Exploration Drilling Program Update – May 2021

Chaucer Energy has completed the two-hole drilling program at its Maullin Concessions in Chile.  Both holes intersected thin coal seams, and established the presence of coal in the Maullin basin.

However none of the intersections were found suitable for application of the ISG process. 

The Company has been made aware of another well researched coal deposit in South Chile which potentially may be suitable for the ISG process without the exploration risk associated with its existing Concessions at Maullin, Isla Riesco and Rio Perez. The Company is currently in a process of data collection for this deposit, and the evaluation of a number of options for ongoing development.

Drilling Program – April 2021

Following the completion of a recent capital raising, Chaucer Energy Ltd will undertake a two hole preliminary-exploration drilling program on its coal Concessions near the town of Maullin in Southern Chile.

The purpose of the drilling campaign is to establish the presence of coal as indicated by data obtained from historic oil and gas wells drilled adjacent to the Concession and from regional magnetic and gravimetric surveys over the area.

Success from this drilling program would enable the Company to plan a further drilling program with the intent of establishing a JORC resource as the basis for the development of its planned ISG/Power Project.

Concession Renewals

In March 2020, Chaucer Energy renewed all of its Exploration Concessions for a further 12 months to 31 March 2021, at which time it may elect to convert to Exploitation Concessions which have no future reduction requirements.

Chilean Government Advice on ISG

In the period to March 2020, Chaucer Energy received letters from three Government Agencies in Chile confirming that an ISG project would be subject to the same regulatory processes as any other mining project in the Country, and that a precedent for ISG had been set with environmental approval having been given in 2010 for another ISG project, which has yet to be advanced.

Chilean Government Support for ISG

In March 2019, the Chilean Government launched a special report at the Toronto Mining Conference (PDAC) outlining 25 opportunities for exploration and mining in Chile.  Chaucer Energy’s prospective Maullin ISG/Power project was one of them.